The Ashcombe School


Getting started with Microsoft Teams

  • Teachers will be sending you messages from Teams. These messages will arrive in your email inbox or in the Teams app if you have it running. Please keep checking your school email. If you are struggling to access Teams please email your teachers directly.

Student Guide to TeamsMicrosoft Parent Guide to Teams

  • All classes now have an online Team and Class Notebook which you should access via our new Teams site.

Link to the new Teams site

  • My Classes will allow you to access your Class Teams and Class Notebooks. 

  • My Assignments will take you to the work which teachers have set for you.

Completing an assignment

  • Click on the Assignments tab from the menu to the right of your screen.

  •  Select the class you need for a particular piece of work. 

  • When you open the assignment you will get the instructions and a file/s listed under Reference materials. 

  • You will produce your work in this file. Click on the file and start writing.  It will auto-save. 

Handing in an assignment

  • When you have completed your assignment, click on "Hand In" to the far right of the screen when viewing the assignment in Teams.

  •  You can also click on + Add work if you have other files to hand in apart from the original file from your teacher.

    Completing work in Class Notebook

  • Make sure you have selected the lesson from your folder within Class Notebook. You can't edit files in the Cotent Library.