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Government and politics

Studying Politics is always exciting and never dull.  It is probably the only subject where the textbook is out of date the moment it is published.  You will start by having the chance to develop a greater understanding of how politics affects us in the UK -  from the voting system to the powers of the Prime Minister.

Work in lessons will be supported by a visit to the Houses of Parliament and speaker events throughout the year.  UK politics is also analysed through a study of its similarities to and differences from the US System.  Study will also cover the overarching ideologies of politics - Liberalism, Socialism, Conservatism and Feminism - when there are opportunities to debate and discuss the best ways to run a country.


Year 12 Content Year 13 Content
  • UK Government
  • UK Politics
  • Political Ideologies
  • US Government and Politics

Studying politics has never been more interesting.  The recent election results, Brexit, Votes at 16 -  if you take an interest in these events, then you will find every Politics lesson broadens and develop your critical powers, interest in global events and understanding of power.

Our Sixth Form Curriculum


A variety of trips and visits to relevant  institutions will be offered throughout the course, including Houses of  Parliament, Speaker Conferences and the possibility of  a trip to Washington D.C.