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Geography is a relevant, dynamic subject, essential for understanding the increasingly complex world in which we live.  We seek to inspire young people to explore the world around them through an understanding of fascinating human and physical geography topics, within the context of a wide range of places, landscapes and environments and to consider the links between them.  Students are encouraged to reflect on their place within the world and the forces which connect them to places and people all over the world.

Our curriculum in Years 7, 8 & 9

In Year 7, students study their local Geography and develop map skills in ‘My place in the world’ and explore coasts, rivers and glaciers in ‘Waterworld’.  In Year 8, the ‘Diverse world’ topic allows students to explore the range of different ecosystems and levels of development on earth, including examples such as Brazil and Kenya.  The ‘Shrinking World’ topic is an opportunity for students to learn about population change and how globalisation has changed the way in which we live.  Year 9 involves the study of natural hazards in ‘Dangerous World’ and a wide range of environmental and social concerns, including climate change and plastic pollution in ‘World Issues’.

Our Upper School curriculum
Our Sixth Form curriculum

Enrichment Opportunities

Fieldwork is an important part of Geography and so, at GCSE, we have two day trips to carry out fieldwork, one at a local river and another to the city centre of Portsmouth.

At 6th form, students carry out fieldtrips to East London, the East Sussex coast as well as a four day trip to Slapton in Devon to collect data for their NEA.  There is also an optional trip to Iceland for our sixth form students.