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Economics is about decision-making through weighing up costs and benefits.  We aim to equip you with the critical thinking skills to be able to analyse different contexts, tackling some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Our curriculum in Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth

The syllabus in the first year comprises:

  • microeconomics where you will learn how markets work, why they might fail and how they can be fixed, and
  • macroeconomics where you will focus on the key driving forces behind the UK economy and develop policies to improve key indicators such as unemployment, growth and inflation.

In your second year, you will build on this knowledge to analyse the role of economics in business, considering issues such as competitive forces, business motivation and efficiency. You will continue your macroeconomic studies by extending your analysis to the global economy and broadening your focus to concepts such as inequality, globalisation, Brexit and preventing financial crises.

Our Sixth Form curriculum


Students are invited to attend the annual Marshall Society Conference at the University of Cambridge, as well as other speaker events.

Reading material

Students are encouraged to make the most of the range of business publications that connect news and events to the businesses they study.

We offer free/discounted access to the following publications:

Image result for financial times Image result for the economist Image result for economics review magazine