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Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

If there’s an area of study you really love – whether it’s engineering, languages, sport or art-based – an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) gives you the chance to develop your skills and knowledge AND impress universities at the same time.

What is an EPQ?

The EPQ enables you to choose an area of interest, most probably related to one or more of your A-level courses and/or your future studies, and to produce a project based on this. Projects may take the form of a dissertation, an investigation/field study, a performance or an artefact. The major emphasis is on the process behind the project.

The EPQ is well regarded by universities as it provides an opportunity to learn relevant new skills and to demonstrate the ability to undertake research.  For example, the Universities of Birmingham, Manchester and Southampton recognise the EPQ as valuable proof of your capacity for independent learning, as well as your passion for the subject you want to study at a higher level.  So when they see it on your UCAS application, it shows them that you’re serious.

The benefits of doing an EPQ

  • Enhancing your UCAS application and potentially helping you meet the conditions of a university place offer, as it’s worth extra points
  • The opportunity to produce a piece of work that’s truly individual and says something about you as a person, whether it’s a written research report, event or creative artefact (like a computer game or artwork)
  • Demonstrating to universities that you’re enthusiastic about the subject you’re applying to study
  • Proving to future employers that you’re a self-motivated character with useful skills in your chosen field
  • Producing a portfolio that you can be proud of and help you start to think about your future

Want to find out more

Speak to Mr Blackband or have a look at the AQA website