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To help you plan, prepare and get the best out of your revision, we've gathered some useful links and tips for you here, designed to help you study for and complete your exams more effectively.

Revision sessions in school 

Y11 Lunchtime revision sessions

Y11 Afterschool revision sessions

Revision sessions during the Easter Holiday

The following sessions are running at school during the Easter holiday. Most sessions have required students to sign up for them in advance. However, if you have not signed up and would like to attend, please email the relevant Head of Department at least one day before the session.

Revision sessions during the Easter Holiday

Step 1 - Make sure you are revising for the correct exam. Ask your teacher if you are unsure

GCSE Exam Specification Codes 2024

Step 2 - Download your checklists and save them in your OneDrive

The checklists give you the topics you need to revise for each subject. You should RAG rate them to start organising your revision.

GCSE Checklists

Step 3 - Make sure you have the revision guides you need and know what is on Microsoft Teams

GCSE Revision Guides

Please contact your teachers if you need advice or help getting hold of revision guides. You can borrow revision guides from the library. Click on the Microsoft Teams image to go to your class teams.

Step 4 - Allocate time for revision each week and start your revision planner

Weekly revision planner

 Step 5 - Start with the content you do not know

You need to learn and understand the content before you attempt some of the past exam questions. This is about condensing the content to revision cards that work for you. These are known as "Flash Cards". You can produce Flash Cards on actual cards or online using an app such as Quizlet


Step 5 - Quizlet GCSE Revision Bank

Quizlet-certified GCSE content cards. 

Make sure you check the Exam board for your GCSE. See Step 1.