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Every child deserves a safe and happy place to learn, and we put this at the centre of our work. Good behaviour enables learning, builds confidence (for staff and students), and means young people enjoy attending school. We believe that good behaviour in school is like team sport. Everyone, including students, teachers, and parents, has a role in making it work. Our students are fantastic, and the ratio of positive and negative points is currently 10-1. 

The following information explains how we reward students and what sanctions are available when needed.

Positive Points

Teachers use Arbor to award students positive points. Students can log in to see their total and are awarded certificates when they reach certain milestones. 

Negative Points

Some students are awarded negative points when their behaviour has fallen short of expectations. 

Homework Detentions and Homework Club

We offer a homework club that provides a friendly, supportive environment for students who need help with their homework. The club meets in R8 every lunchtime and in the Library after school.

A detention is awarded for missing homework if there is no good reason for the work not being done. This is for 30 minutes. Teachers will cancel the detention if the homework is completed before the detention date. 

Behaviour Detentions

A behaviour detention will be awarded when a student has been awarded three negative points in one day. Some behaviour issues are considered more serious and carry a minus three score and result in an automatic behaviour detention.

SLT Detentions

If a student fails to attend a detention, it will be upgraded to sixty minutes with a member of the Senior Leadership Team and allocated by ARBOR.

Progress Review - Mr Panting

Mr Panting (Headteacher) runs a Progress Review session every Tuesday for the minority of students who are not engaging with their sanctions. This session is for seventy-five minutes. Please get in touch with your child's Head of Year if there is an issue relating to a Progress Review before the event.

What happens during a detention?

Students will have the opportunity to complete work online in our computer rooms. The session must be productive.


1. How can I find out about positive points, negative points and detentions for my child?

Please login to ARBOR2. How can I rearrange a detention for my child?
Please email info@ashcombe.surrey.sch.uk with the details of the detention which needs changing.

3. I am unable to pick up my child after a detention. What should my child do?
We realise that school pickups and transport home can be difficult, and we offer a lunchtime alternative for teacher homework and behaviour detentions.

If your child cannot do their detention after school, they should go to R28 on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at lunchtime. This session starts at 1:25 p.m. and runs until 1:50 p.m. There is time to pick up food before the session. Students must have the lunchtime detention done before the afterschool detention date. They do not need to notify staff that they are coming.

The School Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy