The Ashcombe School


Year 7 in the Rhineland

Four coachloads with 187 pupils set off early on Monday 15th July and had a smooth trip to the Rhineland. With picturesque Boppard as the centre for accommodation, the groups made their way to a variety of tourist attractions, always accompanied by a beautiful view out of the coach window in this stunning valley. There were some literal ‘highs’. The Boppard chairlift offers a superb view down to the curve in the Rhine, the Koblenz cable car gives easy access to the view over the confluence of the Rhine and the Mosel, and from the top of the Rheinfels castle, pupils could see how strategically placed it was to demand tolls from those passing through. However, not all activities required climbing! At the level of the river, we enjoyed a delightful river cruise and visited the bustling town of Rüdesheim with its unique collection of mechanical musical instruments. We also ventured into the Mosel valley, visiting the fairy tale castle of Burg Eltz and the pretty riverside town of Cochem. In the evenings, we could just enjoy relaxing and playing by the river, skimming stones and eating ice creams.