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 Virtual Sports Day 2020

We are currently verifying the final scores which will be announced in the coming days.

Welcome Everyone to Ashcombe School’s Virtual Sports Day 2020!

10 challenges to complete with something for everyone

Community Focus with the event open to everyone involved with the school from Year7 through to Sixth Form, all members of Staff, Parents and other family members at home.

House Competition with points scored for participation.

5 Points for every challenge completed, a bonus 50 points for completing 5 challenges, and a further bonus of 100 points if all 10 challenges are completed. Maximum possible score of 200 points.

On this page you will find

  • demonstration videos and the PowerPoint slides explaining how to complete each challenge alongside members of staff who kindly volunteered to show off their skills
  • Links to the forms to submit evidence (resubmit the same form for each challenge you complete)
  • Live leader boards for Houses, Year groups and individuals

Safety is still important. Ensure you warm up, drink plenty of water, wear sun cream and let an adult know where you are going & what you are doing if exercising away from home.

Get involved, have some fun & earn house points! GOOD LUCK!

Live House & Year Points

Latest Submissions



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