The Ashcombe School


Tung Fu Poetry Club

Every Wednesday lunchtime, a group of pupils from across KS3 gather in R18 with Miss Murphy and Miss Garcia to write and perform poetry. As you can see from some of the poems below, the topics we focus on are wide and varied! Sometimes it’s the environment, other times it’s the M25.

Here are some of the poems we have created, I hope you enjoy reading them.

A blank page

It’s the first wonder of the world

It has the power to heal and to hurt

To restrict and set free


There’s nothing more beautiful than nothing

Possibilities are endless

Imagination runs wild


You can do anything

Have amazing adventures

Without leaving your home


Inspiration is everywhere

But nothing inspires

Like a white blank page.


I ate your plastic bag today 

 I ate your plastic bag today.

What have I done?

Fish it can kill, turtles it can slay,

I ate your plastic bag today.


Oh, the pain – end my suffering.

I am slowly dying an agonising death.

If I’m going to heaven, show me the way,

I ate your plastic bag today.


It’s the end to another short story.

Cut short by plastic, a killer, like knives.

This problem, it deserves a play!

I ate your plastic bag today.


I’m leaving the earth, my parents won’t know.

I’m leaving the place I’ve always known.

It’s more painful than my anguishing pain

                “Excuse me,” I say:


“I ate your plastic bag today!”


Black and White 

When I was a child

I saw black and white.

Everything was obvious

Either wrong or right.


So I grew up and learned

To face the world

Living life that way

But now I feel

So unprepared

‘cause black and white

Turned into grey.


With Broken Hearts 

If you didn’t sign up you were a coward,

If you did you’d feel empowered.

They left home with hope in every heart,

Before shooting unknown foes they would start.

Mothers would soon start crying

The boys end up in coffins crying

Guns would soon start going off,

In the gas from the shells they would wheeze and cough.

Officers say “You’re patriotic!”

Although the battlefields were so very chaotic.

The horses worked until they’d die,

They had no idea who was their ally.

Barbed wire, blood and mud galore

With broken hearts, this is how we won the ‘Great’ war.