The Ashcombe School


Garden Design Competition

The SLC has been rebuilt and now needs a fabulous new garden. This competition is an opportunity for all pupils to have a go at designing a garden that will fit into the area available and complement the new building.

You can draw, paint, use PowerPoint, create a mood board or use any other method you want to showcase your design ideas.

Things to consider include:

  • Raised beds
  • Wildlife garden
  • Sensory garden
  • Planting - fruit, vegetables, annuals, perennials

This competition is open to all and there will be prizes for the best entries.

Entry forms and a map of the garden with measurements are available from Pupil Services.

Any questions please ask Mrs Kelsall or Mr Rayne

The final SLC garden will incorporate as many of the best ideas as possible - be creative!

Last entry: Tuesday 3rd December 2019