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The Ashcombe School


Welcome to The Ashcombe School



We are an ambitious, caring and supportive school that has a clear vision that learning is for life rather than simply something that stops at the final exam. Our aim is: 

“To prepare and enable young people to lead fulfilled lives in the 21st century. “  We do this through a commitment to learning in all its forms.

Learning in the classroom - Curriculum and its delivery

We will provide all students with an inspiring and ambitious curriculum that equips them with the knowledge and skills to flourish. Through our broad and balanced curriculum, our students will become resilient, well qualified, life-ready citizens with a strong sense of social responsibility, and a global perspective.  

 Learning to live - Strong relationships and Community

We will provide an inclusive community which allows all members to feel safe and supported. This is underpinned by decency, compassion, and humility. Every child matters to us and everyone is noticed. 

Learning beyond the classroom - School is more than simply what happens in the class 

Beyond the formal curriculum we will seek opportunities to nurture the interests and talents of our students. We will educate beyond the classroom, to develop  creativity, leadership, a sense of curiosity and adventure.  

Learning for life - Preparation for life after school

We will provide expert career and life guidance, so our students make informed decisions about their futures which facilitate their transition to life beyond the school. We enable our students to be inspired about future opportunities. 

Learning is at the heart of everything we do and it supports every member of our community to develop and grow. This is enabled by excellent relationships, care and mutual respect that inspires students to develop and to achieve their best. 

I believe you will experience this in every interaction with students and staff.

Chris Panting