The Ashcombe School


Special Responsibilities

Child Protection / Children in Care Governor - Terry McDonald

(i) Monitors that appropriate processes are in place and actioned for all aspects of Child Protection in school, and

(ii) that appropriate educational and pastoral support is provided for Children in Care who attend the school.

Disability Equality (including Accessibility) Governor - Hazel Watson

Monitors that appropriate procedures are in place and actioned to support disabled pupils, staff and visitors in school and that accessibility issues are properly considered.

Special Needs Governors - Julie Newman

Liaises with SEN Manager and monitors the provision for SEN pupils in school.

Alternative Learning Provision Governor - Rachael Green

Monitors the external ALP provision for pupils in sites external to the school.

Work-related Learning Governors – Nick Russell (H&S) and Mike Giles ( local business links/Careers Fair)

Monitors the provision of work experience for Year 11 pupils and Lower Sixth students, the International Business Week and annual Careers Fair.

School Council Governor - Erica Lanyon (Mike Giles in Erica’s absence)

Represents the governors by attending meetings of the School Council.

Chatterbox Nursery Liaison Governor - Lisa Fownes-Walpole

Visits the Chatterbox Nursery and monitors provision.

Sports Hall Governor - Angus Fraser

Represents the Governing Body when meetings are held to discuss Sports Hall issues.

Dorking Governors’ Forum Governors - Denise Campbell, Terry McDonald

Represent The Ashcombe School at meetings of governors from schools within the Dorking Partnership group.