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Student Resources

Resources for students to use in lessons or for independent learning

Teaching Resources

Resources for teachers to use with students and to assist in the preparation of activities

Primary School Resources

Resources for Primary School teachers to use with pupils at KS 1/2

iPhone Resources

All of the MFL video quizzes on this web site are now available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. To access them, open Safari on your iPhone and go to:

NB: this link will work on a desktop/laptop using Safari or Chrome but is not designed to do so.

More information about these resources is available at the Ashcombe Projects pages.

Language College

As a widely respected Language College with a remit to share resources with others, The Ashcombe School is committed to putting as many Language Teaching resources as possible on-line.

If you find anything on this website helpful, please feel free to make whatever use of it as you see fit in your own school. We only ask that, where appropriate, you acknowledge The Ashcombe as the source of any original material.