The Ashcombe School

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Student support

Student support


We try to ensure that each pupil is individually known and cared for by breaking down the school into smaller units. The school is administered on 'Horizontal' Year divisions. These are structured into 3 sections within the School:

  1. Lower School (Years 7, 8 and 9)
    Mr B Ravenhill
  2. Upper School (Years l0 and 11)
    Ms P Gray
  3. Sixth Form (Lower and Upper Sixth)
    Mr B Blackband

There is a Head of School for each section, a Year Head for each Year group who, with the Assistant Head of Year, leads a team of eight or nine tutors.


Contacting the Pastoral Team

The role of the Pastoral Team is to deal with day-to-day issues which can affect students and help resolve issues across a number of subjects.


Contacting the Curriculum Team

The role of the Curricular Team is to offer support with subject issues.


Support Options

We offer a variety of support options for students. We work closely with students and parents to provide support which can be specific to the individual student. All support programmes are designed to improve learning outcomes.

Transitional Support

Moving from primary school to secondary school can be hard work. There are many changes to deal with. However, we are here to help.

Transitional Support

Daily Support Available in School

Students may need additional support at school. Our Inclusion Room and Supported Learning Centre support a wide variety of students.

The Inclusion Room and Supported Learning Centre

Additional Support

Students can self refer themselves for additional support. They can make an appointment to see the school councillor at the Bradley Office.